Amersham Ultrospec 2100 Pro

Amersham Ultrospec 2100 Pro Spectrophotometer

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Current model UV-Vis spectrophotometer w/8-place cuvette holder, 190-900 nm & 3 nm bandwidth. In addition to measuring absorbance and concentration, it provides stored routines for nucleic acid quantization and also a standard curve routine for protein determination. Wavelength scan with zoom, absorbance changes with time, reaction rate determinations, and standard curves can be displayed and printed out. User defined equations can be entered using the multi-wavelength mode and up to 18 methods can be saved. Barely used.

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Beckman DU 640

Beckman Coultier DU 640 Spectrophotometer MODEL # DU Series SERIAL # 4325701

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Beckman DU-7400

recent model diode array UV-Vis spectrophotometer, clean

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Beckman DU640

Beckman DU640 Spectrophotometer

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Complete Integrated Scanning UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Dimensions (cm) 53Dx69Wx58H, 120VAC 50/60Hz 15A

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